Manufacturing Spare Parts of Pneumatic Nail Guns

Manufacturing nail gun components such as piston, cylinder, driver blade… is considered requiring the most complicated, sophisticated and craftsman-like processes that inquiry very tight tolerance, excellent anti-fatigue, high toughness.  Because KK TECH INC. has been in the nail gun components industry many years, we have experienced team, advanced facilities and high standards of the manufacturing process to produce the highest quality and performance.

One-Stop OEM/ODM Service for Nail Gun Components

We offer a one-stop custom nail gun accessory service from creating a prototype model, sample test, choose a material, mass product manufacture to shipping arrangement.  Our team does the utmost to work with clients to satisfy every client's needs.

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The Manufacturing Process of Firming Nailer Components

The manufacturing process of nail gun accessory is as a blow in general:

High-Grade Selected Materials to Choose for Components of Nail Gun Parts

We have a variety of material for clients to choose their need material for nail gun components, such as:

  • S1: Features of S1 are

  1. High impact resistance under a wide range of hardness

  2. It is able to apply for both hot and cold environment

  3. Excellent at anti-fatigue and wear resistance

  • AISI/SAE S2: Features of S2 are

  1. In order to reduce brittleness, S2 contains more manganese than S7.

  2. High toughness

  3. The excellent ability withstand wear

  • S7: Features of S7 are

    1. High impact toughness and well wear resistance.

    2. Retain good toughness under high strength impact.

    3. High hardenability and softening resistance.

  • Aluminum 2024-T351 and 2024-T56: Feature of aluminum 2014 series are

    1. Processing high strength feature under a wide range of temperature. 

    2. It has excellent fatigue resistance 

  • Aluminum 6061-T6 and 6061-T651:  Characteristics of 6061 aluminum alloy series are

    1. It's excellence on toughness, corrosion resistance, and processability

    2. Without deformation after processing.

  • Aluminum 7075-T6 Aluminum: The features of this material are

    1. High Specific strength and low density.

    2. Own a property of good polishability

KK Company makes our utmost effort to be the best material resource partner, work with clients to find the comprehensive material solution for clients’ project.

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CNC Lathing

To offer the first-class quality Driver Blade of a nail gun to our clients, we invest the advanced CNC Lathing machines.  By utilized SR-32J Swiss Type CNC Automatic lathing machine to reduced cycle times with high effective production ability and accuracy Precision.  The max machining diameter can be reached to Ø32mm (1-1/4”).  


Vibration Process

Rubbing between workpieces and the chemical stones to increase surfaces fineness of workpieces or using the motor-driven vibrating force to generate a high degree of friction and result in better surfaces of workpieces.


Rolling Process

With professional know-how and advance rolling threaded machines, we make the finest screw thread with consistency hardness, high stability, accurate accuracy on screw thread’s shape and distance.  Additionally, we cover the most common screw thread such as NPT/NPTF, BSPT, PT, Metric (M) … and we also provide custom service for rolling client designing screw thread. 


Heat Treatment

Through the heat treatment process to change a material’s chemical, physical, properties, reach the requiring hardness, to increase a material’s toughness, corrosion resistance and stability.  In addition, the heat treatment process helps to enhance the material’s performance, increase durability, minimalize deformation ration and have a clean surface.

Produces the most durable parts with the clean surface and minimal deformation.


Abrasive Blasting

After abrasive blasting process can remove an object surface’s contaminants to smooth an object’s surface roughen so that an object obtains a certain degree of cleanliness and roughness.  Moreover, a mechanical property of an object is changed and improved, such as increase an object’s anti-fatigue ability and because abrasive blasting can produce the numerous finest concaves & convex on the surface, it ensures the object’s surface is able to hold a lubricating oil well and evenly so than to reduce the noise during operation and prolong the service time of an object.



The straightening process is to improve a workpiece’s quality, stability and to obtain a high precision workpiece. 


CNC Milling Services

We provide high accuracy components CNC milling service to meet a client’s requirements for their projects.

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