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Wheel Nuts & Bolts

ISO 9001:2015 / TS16949

KK TECH INC. is specialized in custom manufacturing Lightweight and High Strength wheel nuts & bolts

  • Material: Multiple-Material is available such as T7075-T6, Titanium Alloy…

  • High Quality: Forging manufacturing process increases wheel nuts and bolts’ strength with Extremely lightweight

  • Stylish: Custom color and logo as requirements.

  • Shapes of the Nut Seat: 60 ° Taper Seat, Spherical Seat, and Flat Seat.

  • OEM / ODM Service

7075 Aluminum Forged Wheel Nuts

7075 wheel nut

Item No: A5602905

M12 x P1.25 X 35L

19HEX close-end

automobiles wheel nut

Item No: A05603103

M12 x P1.25 x 35L

LOOK7 close-end

Fasteners wheel lug Mufacturer

Item No: A5602903

M12 x P1.5 x 35L

19HEX close-end

cone seat wheel nut

Item No: A05603101

M12 x P1.5 x 35L

LOOK7 close-end

19 HEX closed end wheel nut

Item No: A05602906

M12 x P1.25 X 28L

19HEX close-end

custom wheel nuts

Item No: A05603104

M12 x P1.25 X 28L

LOOK7 close-end

Wheel Lug Nut for Nissan Subaru Suzuki Cars

Item No: A05602904

M12 x P1.5 x 28L

19HEX close-end

7075 Forged Aluminum

Item No: A05603102

M12 x P1.5 x 28L  

LOOK7 close-end

Cold Forged Wheel Nut

Item No: A05603001

M14 x P1.5 x 35L  

19HEX close-end

Racing Lug Nut

Item No: A056033

M14 x P1.5 x 35L

 LOOK7 close-end

Light weight Wheel Nut

Item No: A05602701


T6 Heat Treatment Whee Nuts

Item No: A05602702

M12 x P1.25 x 40L

CNC Aluminum Wheel Nuts

Item No: A05602703

M14 x P1.5 x 40L


  1. The above wheel nut and bolt size are for reference only.

  2. Due to each car Manufacturer could have its model number of OEM wheel nut & bolt, please confirm and forward required wheel nut and bolts specification in advance.


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