Measuring Instrument

Three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine
1. High performance in line with international standards、Low-priced CNC three-dimensional measuring machine.
2. High rigidity design.
3. Temperature correction system.


2.5D measuring instrument
1. Provide subtle and high-precision measurement,It is convenient to judge the yield and defective parts of the quality inspection operation.For example:Parts and parts burrs that cannot be easily seen by the naked eye, etc.
2. Range of X axis and Y axis on the platform,It can be easily adjusted manually according to the size of the parts to be inspected.


Handheld probing three-dimensional measuring instrument
1. Anyone can easily measure anywhere.
2. Comparable with 3D CAD data,Compare 3D CAD data with the appearance of the product.Realize free-form surface measurement that was impossible in the past.


Image inspection system
1. Significantly reduce working hours
2. No need to switch programs to perform measurement
3. Applicable to various machine parts (lathe processing parts, machining parts, resin molding parts, springs, castings, stamping parts)